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Hahei Coromandel Peninsula

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The Coromandel

Rustic, relaxed and unspoiled, the Coromandel is one of New Zealand’s best-loved holiday destinations.

The rugged volcanic hills are cloaked in native rainforest, and more than 400 kilometres of spectacular coastline promises you can find the beach of your dreams. The Coromandel is a place where bush and beach are both easily accessible. In the same day, you can experience the blue dazzle of the Pacific Ocean and calming greenness of the kauri forest.

Hahei is an attractive beach fringed with pohutukawa and drifts of pink shells at the northern end. Offshore islands provide a breakwater for ideal swimming, boating and fishing.

To get to Cathedral Cove you will need to join a kayak tour!

Cathedral Cove Sea Kayak Tours

The Cathedral is a gigantic arched cavern that penetrates the headland between two coves. It gives an air of grandeur to the whole of the beach.

Access through the archway is temporarily closed due to rock fall danger... The only way to safely access Cathedral Cove (the famous beach in the picture above) is by sea, and the easiest way to land on the beach.. is by sea kayak.

The headland is the site of an ancient Maori pa (fortified village). The beach is sandy with a pohutukawa backdrop - a perfect place for a picnic followed by a swim. Offshore a little way is a large pinnacle of pumice breccia known as "Te Hoho". Delicately sculptured by wind and water to form a most impressive and unusual sight, it looks a bit like the prow of a large ship steaming into the beach.


Key Features

Cathedral Cove
A guided kayaking trip will bring you to the white sands and arches of Cathedral Cove. It’s an idyllic place to swim, snorkel, sip on a cappuccino or simply relax under the pohutukawa trees.

Hot Water Beach
This beach lives up to its name. For up to two hours either side of low tide, you can create your own hot pool by digging into the sands. The hot spring bubbling up through the sand is the legacy of an exciting volcanic past. Only 5 mins drive from Hahei. We can help you plan your stay in the area, feel free to ask about tide times.. That way you can ensure that you experience the kayak tours & visit Hot Water Beach during your stay!

During your visit
Summer is the most popular time to visit the Coromandel, especially for those who like underwater explorations. The Department of Conservation has a marked snorkel trail in Gemstone Bay. The large snapper and oversized crayfish live permanently in these marine reserve waters, and they're not afraid of people. Stingrays and eagle rays are frequent visitors to the reserve in the summer months.


Dig your own pool at Hot Water Beach
photo: Tourism Coromandel

Cathedral Cove Sea Kayak Tours
Hahei Beach


Te Tara-o-te-ika-o-Māui
Population: 39,000 / Area: 23,530 km2

Coromandel mapThe Coromandel is just 2 hours from Auckland International Airport. It is also close to Tauranga, Hamilton and Rotorua.

Drive the coastal Pacific Coast Highway from Auckland to the Coromandel - the scenery is superb.

The best time to visit is during autumn and spring - the weather is good and you’ll avoid the crowds.

Allow enough time to explore the region. Some of the roads are windy and driving can be slow at times.

For further information about Hahei, Cathedral Cove or the Coromandel Peninsula visit:

Hot Water Beach

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